"Reina" is the Spanish word for Queen and our Reina is definitely the Queen-bee in the herd. In her calm manner she rules and all the other horses want to spend time with her. She is a chunky girl and it is obvious that some of her ancestors were draft horses (big work horses, that you would see pulling plows in the old days).

Due to her size and strength, she is best suited for teenage and adult students.

When Reina arrived at ELC she was still green, so she was not available for lessons right away. Over the Summer of 2021 she started to do some walk/trot lessons (at that time she still struggled with her balance at a canter in the arena). The students that have ridden her so far absolutely love her!

Year of birth: April 2010
Weight: 1300lbs
Height: 15.1hh

Breed: Mustang
Color: Bay
Special markings: Blaze on her face; socks on her back legs; mustang freeze brand on her neck (left side, under her mane) & freeze brand "2587" on her hindquarters.

Arrived at ELC: June 2020