Sultan was very skinny when he first arrived at the ELC. A few months and a lot of groceries later he was finally able to start his new job.
He instantly got himself a fan-base, as he is a very loving and gentle horse.
Under the saddle he tends to be a bit lazy, so it does take a bit of convincing to get him to work for you. He does not like the bit, so he is ridden with a hackamore (which works with pressure on his nose). He is a great horse for the beginner and novice student.


Year of birth: Unknown, estimated 1999-2001
Weight: 1000lbs
Height: 14.3hh

Breed: Unknown, probably quarter horse
Color: Black, although he is a sun-worshipper, which bleaches him out and makes him look like a bay.
Special markings: A star on his face and a few white spots on either side of his withers (most likely caused by saddle sores)

Arrived at ELC: October 2021