Dauphine is a French name and it means crown princess.

She was born in the wilds of Nevada and captured as a yearling (the BLM captures many mustang each year to control the size of the herds). She spend several years in a holding facility, until Peggy V Riley of the StarDutch Equine took her in, with the purpose of gentling her and finding her a forever home. After a failed first adoption and another 2 years in a pasture, she found her way to the ELC.

Dauphine has been under saddle since September 2019. After an extended training period we ran into some physical and/or behavior issues. Since horses do not talk it is sometimes difficult to figure out if the problem is pain or behavior, especially when neither veterinarian and chiropractor can find an obvious problem. So it ended up being a trial and error kind of thing as far as treatment was concerned.
We finally discovered that she is prone to gastric ulcers. She has been treated and we have her on a maintenance plan to prevent re-occurrences as best we can. Despite that, she's had several flare-ups. So we continue to investigate the problem and do our very best to find a solution.

So far she has only done a few lessons here and there and we hope that this will increase in the future.

Year of birth: 2010
Weight: 900lbs
Hight: 14.2hh

Breed: Mustang
Color: Red dun
Special markings: Freeze brand on her neck. With star, 2 stripes and tiny snip on her face. As well as a pastern on right hind and stocking on left hind leg.

Arrived at ELC: April 2019