King is a little older and he has a lot of experience. His brand "CM" tells us that he comes from Camp Mac in Talladega, this is a place that is known for their horse camps. Since then he has had multiple different owners.
King is a fun ride, as he is very responsive to his rider and he has a very nice trot as well as a great canter. He is best suited for the older and/or intermediate students, due to his size and strength. Over the Summer he has proven his worth as our vaulting horse. 

With his calm & friendly manners and willingness to work he has earned a place in many hearts already.

Year of birth: Unknown, estimated 1997-1999
Weight: 1200lbs
Height: 15.0hh

Breed: Unknown, most likely a quarter horse mix
Color: Tricolor tobiano pinto
Special markings: Bald face; red roan spot around right ear; 1 blue eye (r) and 1 brown eye (l); mane and tail are part black and part white; brand "CM" on left hindquarter.

Arrived at ELC: April 2018