This one is very special!
Jubil was born & raised in France and moved to The Netherlands at the age of 4. In 2007 she crossed the Atlantic in an airplane to move to Alabama.
Aside from being well travelled and being able to neigh in 3 languages, she is the most experienced horse on the farm. She has been trained in dressage & jumping and has competed in endurance.

On 5/9/2011 she gave birth to Jolie.

Unfortunately she suffered several tendon injuries over these past few years, which has made it necessary to retire her from jumping. Her last injury was in 2018 and it kept her from working for over a year. After a long rehabilitation period it was possible to ride her again..

Despite her health issues she's still a speed demon who loves to work. Only light weight students at an intermediate or advanced level will be selected to ride her.

Date of birth: 5-23-1997
Weight: 1000lbs
Height: 14.3hh

Breed: Fjord x Anglo-arab mix
Color: Yellow dun
Special markings: With star on her face; dorsal stripe and "zebra" stripes on her legs

Arrived at ELC: November 2007