This big & goofy horse belonged to one of our boarders. In the Fall of 2022 he became a part of the ELC herd. Just like Amber he missed out on a royal title, since he was already known to everyone as Clifford (the big red horse).

His bouncy trot makes him an excellent teacher to those students who are ready to learn how to post. His bumpy trot is offset by a really nice canter.

Clifford does like to take it easy. Therefore, it takes a little convincing to get him to work, but when he does you will find that this boy can move!
This is a horse with many talents: dressage; jumping; barrels; trail riding. He can do it all!

Date of birth: 2-7-2000
Weight: 1300lbs
Height: 15.2hh

Breed: Appendix (quarter x thoroughbred)
Color: Sorrel
Special markings: With stripe & small snip on his face; 3 white socks

Arrived at ELC: January 2016